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2016 Award Winners

Congratulations to the four winners of the 2016 CNC-IUPAC Travel Awards:

Audrey Moores, McGill University
Dr. Audrey Moores is an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, McGill University. Her group works at the interface between the fields of nanoparticles synthesis, catalysis and materials characterization. The goal of the research conducted is to afford more sustainable solutions for chemical processes and the systhesis of functional materials. She will be attended the 6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry taking place in Venice, Italy, in September 2016. This conference is unique in that, in addition to its research focus, society stakeholders, entrepreneurs and educational bodies actively participate in the event and contribute.

Claude Legault, Université de Sherbrooke
Dr. Claude Legault is an Associate Professor at the Chemistry Department of Université de Sherbrooke. He obtained his Ph.D. at Université de Montréal and then joined the research group of Professor Kendall N. Houk at UCLA as an NSERC postdoctoral fellow. During this stay, he acquired an expertise in computational chemistry and used this tool to understand the selectivities obtained in various synthetic methods. His research group at Sherbrooke focuses on developing simple synthetic methodologies of broad applicability and using computational chemistry to facilitate this research process. With the support of the CNC/IUPAC Travel Award, he will attend the 23rd International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC 23) being held in Sydney, Australia in July 2016.

Graham Murphy, University of Waterloo
Dr. Graham Murphy received his B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Victoria and Ph.D. from the University of Alberta. He was a JSPS postdoctoral fellow at Tohoku University in Japan, an NSERC postdoctoral fellow at Colorado State University in the USA, and a postdoctoral fellow supported by the Biorefining Conversions Network at the University of Alberta. He began his independent career in fall 2011 as an assistant professor at the University of Waterloo, in Canada. His current research interests are based on the development of novel synthetic methodologies using hypervalent iodine reagents. He will use the 2016 CNC-IUPAC Travel Award to attend the 21st IUPAC International Conference on Organic Synthesis (ICOS 21) in Mumbai, India.

Gregory Welch, University of Calgary
Dr. Gregory Welch is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary. His research focuses on the design and synthesis of organic and organic/inorganic hybrid functional materials for use in printed electronics, specifically, organic photovoltaics, field-effect transistors and chemical sensors, and the integration of these materials into electronic devices. He aims to understand structure-property-function relationships in an effort to improve on molecular design and device performance. To share his most recent findings, strengthen his knowledge in the area of ‘Green Chemistry’, and develop new contacts and collaborations Dr. Welch will attend the IUPAC sponsored 6th International IUAPC Conference On Green Chemistry in Venice, Italy.